About Northstar

Unlike 99% of other financial advisors, I bring a wide range of relevant experience,
credentials and perspectives to today’s financially complex world.  My 25+ years in
the financial industry include positions as:

•        CFO of a public company,

•        Financial consultant at a national brokerage firm, and a

•        CPA at Deloitte & Touche.

I created Northstar in response to the concerns of investor friends, who had been
scared off by the tactics of their own financial advisors.  When one investor
expressed interest in global investing, he later learned that his financial advisor was
directing him towards a specific money manager primarily affiliated with the advisor’s
firm.  This meant that the investor would be excluded from working with this sector’s
top-performing managers.

When another investor told his financial advisor that he wanted to migrate many of his
holdings towards less-risky, fixed income products, his advisor strongly resisted.  
Why?  The advisor would earn a greater commission if the portfolio was heavily-tilted
towards equities.

These practices, which are common to financial advisors, struck me as unfair to
investors.  I felt there was a better way to provide value to investors.  In working with
Northstar Financial, you gain access to a financially experienced advisor who is
sitting on
YOUR side of the table and representing YOUR interests. ALWAYS.

Northstar Financial Services, Inc.
Straightforward and Objective Asset Management