Investment Advisory
The Northstar Approach

At Northstar, protecting and methodically growing your portfolio is our focus.  We
assess both your personal factors and market factors.

Personal Factors

Personal factors are investment concerns that are unique to your situation.  What is
your risk tolerance?  What are your financial goals?  What is your investment time
horizon?   We listen to all of your objectives, and recommend specific investment
strategies only when we feel comfortable with our understanding of your financial

Market Factors

Market factors take into consideration the dynamics of the global stock and bond
markets.  In creating your portfolio, Northstar relies on a disciplined, five-step approach:

1.        What is the outlook for the bond and stock market?  The answer to this question,
in conjunction with the personal factors listed above, helps determine an optimal
portfolio mix.  

2.        Where do we want your exposure to be on a global basis?  Should we
emphasize a portfolio with US equities and bonds, or should we also be in Asia,
Western Europe, Eastern Europe, or, more specifically, the Republics of the former
Soviet Union?  Where are the best global opportunities consistent with the level of risk
vs. reward?

3.        Should your portfolio include exposure to non-traditional assets classes such as
natural resources?  If so, should we emphasize timber, oil and gas or agricultural
products?  Would you like some of your exposure to be in real estate?

4.        Given your answers to questions 1-3, identifying the best money managers in
your areas of investment focus is critical to meeting your objectives.  Northstar will then
retain the best equity and fixed income managers available to help meet your goals.  

5.        Finally, just as one buys insurance for their home, there are ways to “insure”
parts of your investment portfolio.  In an uncertain world in which a life-altering terrorist
attack can strike at any moment, we will discuss with you whether “portfolio insurance”
as a hedging mechanism is an appropriate way for you to reduce risk.

After creating your portfolio through this five-step approach, we closely monitor your
portfolio, making changes when we, as a partnership, deem it appropriate.

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